How To Find Good Nearest Liquor Stores And More

Finding the closest good liquor store and knowing what to get can be a pain if you’re new to this. There are a lot of people that love their alcohol, so why not figure out what people that have had drinks in the past think you should do to find the best places?

Liquor Price Is High

First of all, just because a liquor store is near your home doesn’t mean that you’re going to love it there. A lot of places are really bad because they price things too high and the store is dirty in general. If you find a place like this, then be careful because it’s probably a bad part of town and the people working there are probably going to be a little less than accommodating because of the people they have to deal with all the time. You’ll be okay going in there to check it out once or twice, but beyond that if you don’t like it go somewhere else.

Avoid Buying Liquor At Gas Station

Don’t go to a gas station to get beer or anything else if you don’t have to. Those places know that you’re going to pay more because either the other stores are closed, or you’re in a hurry. Plus, in some states the beer you can get from a place like this is lower in alcohol content. So, you’ll be paying the same price for beer that is not as strong and that’s not a good idea if you’re into getting the biggest bang for your buck.

The Right Liquor Store

A liquor store near me is a place where you need to be cool with the people working there if you want to get special treatment. Even the run down places will make special orders or will let you in on sales before they happen if you’re a frequent customer that’s not a pain for them to deal with. Even if you drink a lot and go in there intoxicated, if you’re nice to them they may help you. It’s a pain for alcohol related stores to deal with certain kinds of drunks, so if that’s what you are then maybe don’t go in after you’ve had a few.

By the way, don’t drive to a liquor store drunk. It is dangerous, and the people working there probably will call the cops on you as you leave if they see you get into your vehicle. Not to mention, if you end up hurting yourself or others by wrecking, then you’re not going to be in good shape and may be banned from that store. Some places are not supposed to serve anything to people that are obviously drunk, so hopefully you keep that in mind and are safe or you’re in for some trouble later on.

Right Liquor At Right Store

Liquor is sometimes hard to find if it’s a specific kind, so try calling around if you need to. You also should be asking for prices, and don’t let the people know that you’re having a hard time finding it or they may mark up the price on you before you go there. Not every store shady, but there are those that are not cool about things like that. You need to just act like you’re someone interested in something and if they don’t have it then don’t sweat it because someone else may.

You can find a regular liquor store but make sure you also call around from time to time to see if what you like is on special. You never know, you may find a new place and it may make you very happy to go there regularly.