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bartender and bartender

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Hello welcome!
In this article we will discuss the work of the bartender or bartender and its characteristics.
The paths to be followed by the bar professional, in addition to curiosities and tips from those who know the most about drinks.

Let’s talk about:

  1. The difference between a classic bartender and a freestyle bartender
  2. What do you expect from a bartender for events?
  3. The necessary knowledge that an event bartender must have and its values
  4. How a bar team for events is composed
  5. Options available in the market for bartending course
  6. This item is a surprise! Don’t miss it… 😉


Before talking about the work of the bartender, we must first clarify the real concept of the word: Barman (female barmaid) is an English word that means bar man , and refers to the professional who works in establishments serving cocktails (with alcoholic or not) to their customers, most often in bars and events.

It is a very old profession that has international support, the International Bartenders Association (IBA) , which establishes rules of conduct for the category.
Source: Wikipedia

In our view, the bartender is an artist who uses cocktails as a way of distributing smiles and good energy through interaction with his audience. He has a mission to offer the best drinks while making new friends.
With an elegant posture, cordiality and cleanliness are always expected in their services, regardless of the place of work.


Now that we know the definition of bartender better, let’s understand the difference between a classic bartender and a freestyle bartender :

classic bartender

A Classic Bartender understands a lot about drinks, from their origin, composition, properties, effects and characteristics. With this, he can create his own drinks , with authorial recipes and combinations, in addition to knowing how to prepare the most famous cocktails around the world. They are also more classic with the uniform, with social clothes (they usually wear a vest and tie). With a more experienced profile, they are usually the ones who lead the bar’s operational team.

Bartender Free style

The freestyle bartender has some skills that add value to bar service, such as magic, pyrophagy and flair. They are usually younger professionals, more cool when it comes to dressing and perform at parties and various events.
You don’t need to know all the drinks in depth, but your mission is to entertain the public in a surprising way.

Ready! We already know the difference between bartending styles. Now let’s clarify for you,
what is expected of a bartender for events and what knowledge this professional must have:

Bartender for Events

What to expect from an event bartender:
Sounds like an obvious question, doesn’t it? Try answering it for yourself .

In the view of Conceito Bar , the treatment with customers is the fundamental point of the work of the barman , in addition to offering quality drinks (of course!). It is when having a drink at the bar (bar timing) that people seek to relax, interact and chat, so the atmosphere must always be pleasant.

We took care to prepare for you a complete list – with 3 basic rules – that the bartender must follow to offer a good service:

1) When welcoming the customer:
The bartender must look people in the eye. Always in a courteous manner, he must be a gentleman and bow a little, in an elegant manner. It is not necessary to shake hands with people, but it is polite to shake hands with the customer if he offers the greeting.

2) In the treatment:
Being attentive to the client is very important, in addition to always using the expressions: “Sir”, “Madam”, “Thank you”, “Excuse me”, “Good luck”, etc. so that the service is polite.

3) In relationship with customers:
Between conversations at the bar, it is important that the bartender interacts with his customers.
To be successful in socializing with people, the bartender must be up to date on general topics and have knowledge of common areas such as: culture, politics, sports and music. It is important to know how to listen to people and avoid personal opinions.

Proud to be a Bartender

We all know that treating customers well is not just a vital point for the bartender, right? Now let’s talk about the technical part: the art of cocktail making , a specific area that the bartender must master, regardless of his place of work.

The necessary knowledge that the bartender must have

Seems like bartending is a complicated job, doesn’t it? Let’s take it easy…
The bartender profession can be practiced by anyone who is interested and committed to learning and serving.

What will differentiate and be decisive for the success of the bartender is knowing how to prepare and serve cocktails, with their numerous side dishes, quickly, cleanly, organized, with quality and with a good appearance.

It means knowing about most drinks in general, their origin and tradition, the characteristics and the main brands.

Values ​​every bartender should have: (list)

  • Be punctual, have a good mood and good mood at work;
  • Respect co-workers and be able to communicate easily;
  • Know how to suggest drinks and side dishes;
  • Do not drink alcohol, smoke, eat or chew gum while working;
  • Be in a clean, well-pressed and well-maintained uniform;
  • Don’t cheat with drinks. Always demand good origin and the best service.

Yea! Bartender is a profession to be proud of!

Get smiles, talk, serve. The benefits of the bartender are not summarized in this way, there is also collectivity and teamwork.
Let’s understand now how a Bar team is composed for a wedding party and other events:

bar boss

He is the most experienced professional on the team. He has the function of leading all the bar operations, that is, having knowledge of people management. It is essential that it is organized, as it will take care of the drinks, materials, supplies and side dishes, in addition to serving with quality.

Bartender or Bartender

It is who is prepared for the main activity of the bar: serving with quality.
It is very important to have a good mood and interact with customers, in addition to helping with team activities.

bar back

He is the professional responsible for replacing the bar’s materials and ensuring the bar’s proper functioning. It is directly responsible for ensuring that every bartender has all the necessary tools to serve everyone quickly and efficiently.


He is responsible for all preparation before the service is performed. He is usually the professional with the most skill in cutting fruit, washing glasses and picking.

Do you want to become a Bartender?
Already a bartender and want to specialize?
Do you like to prepare drinks and want to know more about the service?
Now it’s time to talk about the bartender course . ?

bartender course

Several bartending courses are available in the national market, as it is a job much sought after in the event, hotel and tourism markets.
In full growth, the demand for professional service providers is constant for bars, event spaces and hotels.
And now, with so many course options? How will I know which is the best bartending course?
Calm down, because we are going to explain all the options for barman courses that are offered,
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