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79 tasty drink recipes for you to party at home

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How about learning how to prepare drink recipes with different flavors to serve at parties at home, on special occasions, for lunch with friends, or even to enjoy with your loved one on the weekend?

You have already checked here at Receiteria caipirinha recipes to cool off on hot days, which are one of the most common drinks in everyday life and also easy to make, but be sure to improve and try other classic drinks as delicious as they are, like Mojito, Gin Tonic, Aperol Spritz, and more.

Check out the best drink recipes with countless different ingredients and fruits below, and get to work!

Assorted drinks

1. Bloody Mary Recipe : many people are a little prejudiced against the Bloody Mary because it is a salty drink, but just follow the step-by-step instructions and it tastes great. It is also known as the “hangover cure” drink as it is prepared with tomato, lemon juice and celery stalk, which help to renew the body’s energy.

2. Classic drinks : here you can find recipes for Dry Martini, James Bond’s famous drink; Traditional margarita; Cosmopolitan, famous movie drink that became known in the movie Sex and The City; Mojito, made with rum; and Manhattan, made with Whiskey.

3. Piña Colada Recipe : Piña Colada is made with coconut milk and pineapple, which makes it one of the tastiest and most captivating drinks, perfect for house parties. This recipe yields almost four liters, which are enough to get a group of friends excited.

4. Mojito Recipe : although there are several versions of recipes for Mojitos, the best is still the classic one, which is not too sweet and you can taste all the ingredients very well: rum, mint, lemon juice and water with gas.

5. Gin Tonic with cucumber : Gin Tonic is also well known for its reputation for not leaving you with a hangover the next day, and has become one of the most requested drinks in bars, clubs and restaurants these days, with its bitter and very tasty taste. . In this recipe, two slices of cucumber are added, which make the drink even better.

6. Drink with Skol Beats Spirit : the drink with Skol Beats Spirit is super refreshing and ideal for those hot summer days. In this recipe, tequila, orange juice and plenty of ice are added.

7. Drinks with Cointreau Fizz : Cointreau Fizz is a very refreshing, light and tasty drink, also perfect for drinking on the beach or on warmer days. It uses only three basic ingredients: Cointreau, sparkling water and lemon. Here you will find three recipes: the first with passion fruit and girl’s finger pepper, the second with orange with tangerine and the third with guava with lychee.

8. Hulk ‘s drink: Hulk’s drink is a colorful drink different from traditional recipes. You can prepare it with vodka, blue curacao, soft drinks and ice.

9. Quentão Recipe : is there anything better during the June festivities than drinking quentao to have fun and warm up? The drink is prepared with sugar, ginger, lemon, cachaça, cinnamon and cloves.

10. Orange Blossom Water Cointreau Fizz: The Orange Blossom Water Cointreau Fizz is a refreshing, light, fragrant and summer-like drink, for you to drink in the late afternoon without any worries.

11. Beer drink with whiskey : This is a super full-bodied drink that will surely please the palate of those who like recipes different from the common ones, as it is prepared with beer and whiskey, and its flavor is highlighted by orange and ginger.

12. Mint drink: the mint drink is ideal for a party with friends or for that early evening! It is very tasty, mainly because of the refreshing mint. At the same time it is a source of glucose for being a sweeter drink.

13. Drink Vanilia Palm : in addition to being delicious, as it is prepared with Vanilia vodka, coconut water and cinnamon, this drink is simple, light, refreshing and quick to make, as it takes just two minutes to prepare.

14. Peach Fizz Drink : the Peach Fizz drink is very tasty and perfect to serve at night parties, made with peach vodka, sparkling water, fresh passion fruit, ice and peach slices to taste.

15. Cointreau Fizz de Café : Coffee lovers are sure to love this drink, which mixes 50 ml of the very strong and concentrated drink with cointreau, sparkling water and lemon juice.

16. White Russian drink : despite being very simple, the White Russian drink recipe is delicious. You just need milk, vodka and coffee liqueur.

17. Whiskey, orange and ginger drink: this whiskey, orange and ginger drink is full of flavors and considered a great option to liven up summer afternoons. After following the step by step and mixing all the ingredients, pour the drink into a glass filled with broken ice.

18. Aphrodisiac drinks : the alcoholic drink itself can be considered a stimulant, but for those who want a little extra help to spice up their flirtation on that date, nothing better than a drink with aphrodisiac ingredients. Here you can find four easy, delicious and foolproof recipes.

19. Drink Whiskey Sour : if you like classic and easy drinks, Whiskey Sour is perfect for you. It is classified as a digestive and can be enjoyed at any time of the day, especially at brunches.

20. Sunshine Drink : the Sunshine drink has a delicious “holiday” taste, and was created especially for free moments when you just relax in the pool with friends. It is made with vodka, Malibu, mango, lime and orange juice.

21. Drink Old Fashioned : the Old Fashioned is one of the oldest cocktails in history, as it was invented in 1806. Its ingredients are Whiskey, Angostura, Club Soda, cherries and lemon.

22. Aperol Spritz Drink : The Aperol Spritz is another classic drink that has become increasingly famous these days and has become one of the most requested in any establishment. The ingredients for a glass are: a slice of orange, a shot of Aperol, a shot of prosecco and sparkling water.

23. Green drink : being prepared with absinthe, known as “Fada Verde”, this drink is much stronger than any other and should be consumed in moderation. In addition to absinthe, the recipe also includes Blue Curaçao and kiwi juice.

24. Sake drink: this sake drink with strawberry and Sicilian lemon is perfect to drink with your partner or at a lunch with friends, as it is sweet in the right measure due to the sourness of the lemon. If you prefer to use it at parties, just use a pitcher instead of glasses and multiply the recipe.

25. Berri Blossom Drink : Berri Blossom drink can be prepared in five minutes and is also great for house parties with friends. Among the ingredients of the recipe are vodka berri açaí, apple juice and a slice of lemon.

26. Drink 50 Shades of Gray : this aphrodisiac drink pays homage to the controversial film 50 Shades of Grey, and also an ode to Carnival. In it, ingredients such as vodka, star fruit, lemon and pepper jelly are used.

27. Drink Your Mother : this is one of those drinks that you drink and it feels like you’re having a juice, they are so delicious and refreshing. Also, this recipe with gin and pineapple juice is very easy to make.

28. Drink for New Year’s Eve : here you can find three recipes for drinks for New Year’s Eve, where you can celebrate the past year and welcome what’s to come. To spice up the drinks, bet on flowered ice, made with edible flowers that you can buy in markets or hortifruti.

29. Mint drink with lemon peel : the mint drink with lemon peel is perfect for sunny summer days, for beaches, swimming pools and barbecues during the day. It is a very refreshing drink with a striking flavor, made with vodka.

30. Drinks for weddings : here you can find different drinks and decorated for weddings, made in different versions of Cointreau Fizz, but with different ingredients, always playing and innovating in colors and decorations, ranging from blueberries, orange slices, among others.

31. Headless Muscovite Mule Drink : this is one of those recipes appreciated by men and women, because all the ingredients are perfectly balanced and make this drink a headless mule. For a lighter version, use tonic water in place of beer.

32. Drinks for Carnival : Carnival is without a doubt one of the best times of the year to have fun and drink with friends without guilt. How about you learn four drink recipes for the date?

33. Chocolate martini with pepper drink: this drink made with chocolate martini with pepper is another recipe option to get away from the ordinary, in addition to being a delicious drink, stylish and easy to prepare.

34. Drinks for the summer : if you’re looking for simple and refreshing drinks for the summer, check out three basic and delicious recipes here. They are: acerola with sake, Smirnoff Ice with mint and vodka with Sicilian lemon.

35. Mexican drinks : here you can find special recipes for Mexican drinks. The first is called “Clamato com beer”, made with tomatoes, lemon and shellfish. The second, “Sangrita”, is also made with tomatoes, but mixed with tequila. Finally, the “Kahlúa”, a smooth coffee liqueur.

36. Low Carb Drinks : for those who are on diets to lose weight, here is the solution so you don’t have to give up alcohol. Check out recipes for drinks with few or zero calories, which you can drink without guilt.

37. Alexander Drink : the Alexander drink is prepared with brandy, dark cocoa cream, fresh cream and ice, which make the drink super full-bodied, tasty and refreshing at the same time.

38. Drink Daiquiri : learn how to make a delicious Daiquiri with Cointreau, a classic and extremely refreshing drink. Here, it is accompanied by rum, sugar syrup, lime juice and ice.

39. Gimlet with vodka : Gimlet is a drink originally made with gin, but this recipe replaces it with vodka. The novelty is on account of the mint, which makes the drink even more refreshing and with a taste of wanting more, in addition to the sparkling water, which makes the drink much lighter and delicious.

40. Long Island Iced Tea Drink : Despite the name, this drink doesn’t have a drop of tea. It is made with vodka, triple sec, gin, tequila, rum and coke.

41. Orange and Blue Traditional Margarita : This recipe teaches you how to make the Traditional Margarita, the Orange Margarita and the Blue Margarita. Follow the step by step and prepare for your friends!

42. Watermelon Margarita : This refreshing Watermelon Margarita cocktail is practically a must-have for hot days. Among its ingredients are tequila, orange liqueur and lime.

43. Tequila Sunrise : good idea to start the weekend, this drink called Tequila Sunrise is not only easy to make, but also very tasty and very beautiful. It is worth learning and surprising with this delicious drink.

drinks with fruits

44. Watermelon drink : this recipe is special for watermelon lovers who want to serve a wonderful drink on the weekend. In addition to fruit, the drink has vodka, lemon juice and fresh mint.

45. Watermelon drink with cucumber : another watermelon drink recipe to make your mouth water, as it is combined with cucumber, and together, the diuretic ingredients make the drink light and refreshing, perfect for summer.

46. ​​Drink with grape juice : in these recipes a whole red grape juice was used, without sugar, coloring or preservative, made with grapes grown in their own vineyards and selected manually to make delicious drinks with grape juice.

47. Strawberry and passion fruit caipirinha: the strawberry and passion fruit caipirinha is perfect to accompany traditional weekend food recipes. The fruits go well with cachaça, as well as with vodka and sake. Choose your favorite drink and enjoy!

48. Lychee drink: the lychee drink with vodka can be a great companion to enjoy a sunny Sunday, as the tropical fruit has a sweet taste and a gelatinous pulp, which makes any drink delicious.

49. Strawberry drink: the strawberry drink is an excellent option for a date with friends or a Saturday lunch, as it mixes the fruit with tequila and ice, making the drink sweet and tasty.

50. Pineapple Cocktail : the pineapple cocktail has ingredients such as condensed milk, cachaça and mint in its recipe, which give the drink an extra taste. Tip: You can replace pineapple with other fruits like kiwi, strawberry and lemon.

51. Green apple and Pisco drink: the green apple and pisco drink is also made with Sicilian lemon and ginger, which make the drink completely different from traditional recipes. You can prepare the drink in up to 15 minutes.

52. Caipirifruta de gossip : to prepare this delicious caipifruta, simply remove the seeds from the tangerine, and add vodka, ice and sugar. To give it a charm, serve in cachaça cups with a little gossip inside.

53. Pineapple Caipirinha with Lemon Grass and Ginger : this is another very different pineapple caipirinha, as the recipe brings novelties such as lemongrass and ginger, which combined with vodka or cachaça are very delicious.

54. Sicilian lemon caipirinha: how about a Sicilian lemon caipirinha with a super different and delicious vodka? Follow the recipe step by step and be surprised!

55. Sicilian lemon, ginger, honey and mint caipirosca : easy and simple to make, the Sicilian lemon caipirosca has ingredients such as honey, mint and ginger, which make it the perfect drink to accompany an afternoon of barbecue.

56. Gossip Caipirinha with Ginger : in addition to being delicious and refreshing, the Caipirinha with Ginger is different, easy to make and has ingredients that bring health benefits.

57. Green grape caipirinha with pink pepper : have you ever thought about trying an alcoholic drink with pepper? Before you turn your nose, know that the thermogenic ingredient brings an explosion of flavors to your drink.

58. Passion fruit margarita: the margarita is a drink that (de)hydrates, refreshes and is super easy to prepare. Among its ingredients are Cointreau, honey, tequila and passion fruit juice.

59. Watermelon drink in a lacy bottle : this watermelon drink was inspired by a lace dress by the Forever 21 brand. In addition to the drink recipe, check out the step-by-step guide to making the lacy bottle.

60. Apple drink: this drink is ideal for drinking and gossiping with friends during the afternoon. The recipe calls for apple juice, rum, ginger, lemon, triple sec and sparkling water.

61. Grape Caipirinha with Lemon : Grape Caipirinha with lemon to cool off in the summer or just have a happy hour with friends at your house. In addition to vodka and fruit, the recipe also uses vanilla-flavored sugar.

62. Drink Manga Bêbada : as vodka combines with the most varied drink recipes, this one could not be different. In addition to the drink, you will need mango, strawberries, ginger and honey.

Drinks with wines, sparkling wines or champagnes


63. White wine drink with green grape : this white wine drink with green grape is an easy recipe to make and without any difficulty, as you just need to mash the fruit to release the juice and mix it with the wine.

64. Refreshing Wine Drink: This refreshing wine drink is simple yet delicious, perfect for making small talk with friends on warmer days. In the recipe, citrus fruits such as orange and lemon are used.

65. Sparkling drink with strawberry ice : this is a tasty, refreshing and sweet drink due to the strawberry ice that accompanies the iced sparkling wine. You can replace the strawberry with peach, pear, raspberry or any other fruit you like.

66. Refreshing drink of white wine and orange : white wine cold is one of the best drinks to have on hot days, and this recipe that uses orange makes the drink even better and more refreshing. For extra flavor, add mint leaves.

67. Champagne drink with cherries and thyme : on a late afternoon, nothing better than opening a champagne, mixing it with fresh herbs, honey and your favorite seasonal fruit. Yummy, practical and relaxing. Make some snacks and gather friends around the table.

68. Clericot Recipe : Clericot is known as the French version of Spanish Sangria and is a great drink for any occasion, from holiday parties to a sunny afternoon by the pool. White wine is accompanied by club soda, orange liqueur and fruits such as apple, kiwi, pineapple, plums, orange and grapes.

69. Pink Drink : the pink drink is nothing more than the combination of a sweet wine with roses and ginger with red fruits, which make the wine much tastier.

70. Lychee drink in syrup with vanilla : if you’re a fan of vanilla, you can’t help but try the lychee drink with its syrup, which when mixed with a cold champagne are extremely tasty.

non-alcoholic drinks

71. Summer drink: this summer drink came from the idea of ​​increasing the orange juice with coconut water, Schweppes Citrus, cranberry and mint, which together result in a delicious combination.

72. Homemade Ginger Soda : This recipe is a ginger and lemon syrup that can be mixed, or not, with alcoholic beverages.

73. Drinks without alcohol for Carnival : if you are one of the people who avoid alcohol as much as possible, even in times of Carnival, you can’t miss these drinks. It has strawberry smoothie, pineapple cocktail, grape, currant, and more.

74. Non-Alcoholic Mojito : The Non-Alcoholic Mojito is perfect for those who want to enjoy the day with friends but for some reason cannot or want alcoholic beverages. The recipe is made with strawberries, lemon, mints and soda.

75. Strawberry Mango Drink : Here’s a delicious and refreshing non-alcoholic fruit drink recipe, perfect for those who are on a diet or have restrictions on alcohol, such as pregnant women. Strawberry with mango is a perfect mix!

76. Flavored water recipe : flavored waters taste very tasty and are great options to replace alcoholic beverages, with combinations such as water with Sicilian lemon and mint, strawberry with mint, among others.

77. Refreshing pomegranate drink: to drink without guilt! Learn how to make a refreshing pomegranate drink without alcohol. It is said that eating this fruit in the new year brings abundance and wealth, so make the drink and toast a year full of good things!

78. Lemon and ginger drink: this lemon and ginger drink is another drink option for the summer, great to serve at parties or hot afternoons. In addition, the taste of ginger is almost imperceptible.

79. Refreshing coffee drink : for coffee lovers, this is a great drink recipe option, prepared with two cups of coffee, lemon ice cream, fresh cream and organic sugar.

Now that you have learned about the different beverage options, from the most classic to the non-alcoholic, just choose your favorite recipe, head to the kitchen and serve it at home on different occasions.

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